What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a reasonably-priced dispute resolution process established by North Carolina law for settling divorce and family law disputes outside of court.  Learn more about Collaborative Divorce.

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Child Specialists

The child specialist is a licensed mental health professional with specific training and experience in working with parents and children to confront and resolve issues that arise during divorce and other custody-related disputes. Because one of hallmarks of the Collaborative Divorce process is the goal of protecting children from emotional harm during divorce, the role of the child specialist is crucial in the Collaborative Divorce process.  The child specialist meets with each child in a family privately to provide the child with an opportunity to voice his or her concerns and feelings about the divorce or separation.  The child specialist is then able to serve as the child’s voice in the Collaborative Divorce process, providing parents and the collaborative team with information about the child’s needs and interests that will guide the development of an effective co-parenting plan for the family.  

Here's a list of our Child Specialists: