What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a reasonably-priced dispute resolution process established by North Carolina law for settling divorce and family law disputes outside of court.  Learn more about Collaborative Divorce.

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Co-Parenting Advisors and Collaborative Coaches

Co-parenting advisors are licensed mental health professionals who assist parents in transforming their relationship from a marital relationship to a healthy and effective co-parenting relationship.  The parents have the option of working together with one co-parenting advisor or of working separately with their own co-parenting advisor.  The co-parenting advisor is not a therapist but a “coach,” teaching the parents skills of effective communication and conflict resolution that provide a foundation for a well-functioning co-parenting relationship. 

Separating parties who are not parents may also wish to avail themselves of the counsel of a mental health professional acting as a “collaborative coach.”  The collaborative coach works with a client to prepare him or her for effective and rational participation in the collaborative process.  Depending upon the needs of the particular client, the collaborative coach may help a client in processing and managing emotional issues that arise in the collaborative process, or may focus on guiding a client in the development of communication and conflict resolution skills. 

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